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Reusable Solutions for an
In-disposable World

Roly Poly Crafts has handcrafted practical items for everyday use, providing reusuable solutions that make it easy for you to choose to be environmentally responsible. Current offerings include:

  • Cloth Pocket Diapers
  • Diaper Covers
  • Prefolds
  • Snack Bags
  • Cloth Wipes
  • Diaper Pail Liners

Cloth Diapers - for baby to toddler

Roly Poly makes pocket cloth diapers and diaper covers. Both are durable, handmade and a breeze to use. Pocket cloth diapers are more streamline and formed for a great fit for your baby. Diaper covers and inserts are a more economical choice and offer the same great waterproof protection and environmental friendliness.

Snack Bags

A great alternative to plastic bags, use these for lunches, picnics, food storage...the possibilities are endless. They come in three styles, are machine washable/dryable, BPA free and handmade in the USA.

leafAnd More...

Roly Poly also offers cloth wipes, diaper pail liners, fabric, wet bags, baby quilts and other creations. These are uploaded on a random basis or by request. Check our Etsy listings at www.rolypolycrafts.etsy.com or email for more information to rolypolycrafts@gmail.com.

leafWhy Cloth Diapers?

  • One baby diapered in cloth for two years eliminates over one ton of waste from landfills.
  • Cloth Diapers are reusable, comfortable, easy to care for and healthier for your baby, the world and your wallet!

There are many varieties of cloth diapers available today. Most are practical and user-friendly—a far cry from the safety pins and plastic pants that may have come to mind. Making a choice on which diaper is right for your baby can be quite daunting.

leafFor more information on the benefits of cloth diapers, visit: www.rolypolycrafts.etsy.com

What is a Pocket Diaper?

After trying several kinds of diapers on my first son, pocket-style diapers came out on top. They are trim, practical and easy to use. There is no need for a cover; the diaper itself is a self-contained unit.

A pocket diaper has three parts. There is a waterproof outer layer, a moisture wicking layer next to baby’s skin, and an absorbent soaker layer in between. The soaker layer is removed when washing to help the diaper dry more efficiently and is placed back into its pocket before next use. They are lightweight, trim and simple.

I took the best aspects of all the diapers we tried, as well as a few ideas of my own and combined them to make Roly Poly™ pocket diapers. These diapers have been a proven winner for both of my sons. I hope your family enjoys them too.

pocket diaper diagram

leafMaterials used in Roly Poly™ Pocket Diapers

The outer layer is made of knitted polyurethane laminate (PUL) in living color. PUL is a waterproof fabric, is extremely durable and lasts well through years of frequent washing.

Suedecloth or Microfleece makes up the soft inner layer of your diaper. Both wick moisture away from skin, keeping baby dry longer, and help prevent diaper rash. Suedecloth is very durable and stays new looking longer, but collects buildup faster. Microfleece breaks in easier, is a bit softer and doesn't collect buildup as fast, but will look worn sooner.

Organic hemp/cotton fleece is used for the soaker insert of the diaper. Hemp is a highly absorbent and very strong fiber, while cotton adds softness. Hemp also has naturally occurring antimicrobial properties which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It takes a few washes to remove naturally occurring plant oils before hemp/cotton fleece reaches optimal absorbency. This fabric grows softer and better with each use. Roly Poly™ hemp/cotton inserts have already been pre-washed once for your convenience.

General Diaper Care and Washing Instructions baby wearing pocket diaper

  • Remove Diaper from baby
  • Shake solids into toilet
  • Separate Insert and diaper
  • Store in dry pail until wash day
  • Wash on a cold rinse first to remove any lingering solids and most of urine
  • Wash on hot
    Use only ¼ to ½ the regular amount of detergent. A diapers biggest enemy is buildup of detergent which prohibits the diaper fabric from its moisture wicking and absorbing duties.
  • Do not use bleach, it will break down the diaper fabric and cause leaks and improper absorption
  • Do not use fabric softener, it will coat the diaper fabric and also inhibit moisture-wicking and absorption
  • Tumble dry on hot or hang to dry
  • The waterproof outer layer was designed for the medical industry to withstand sterilization temperatures.
  • Place insert back into diaper when dry
  • Reuse…repeat, repeat, repeat!

If your diaper has stains, lay the clean diaper in the sun for awhile. The sun can work wonders.

leafAt times, substitute liquid Dawn dishwashing detergent for your laundry detergent. It is an excellent degreaser and can help get rid of any rash crème buildup or detergent buildup.

Vinegar is also an excellent occasional freshener/whitener.

standing baby wearing pocket diaperRoly Poly™ diapers come in 4 sizes:

leafSmall (fits babies 8-18 lbs.)
Medium (fits babies 15-35 lbs.)
Large (fits babies/toddlers 22-45 lbs.)
One Size (fits babies 8-40 lbs.)

Also available: One Size Covers, Prefolds and Pocket Diapers

pocket diaper colorsIt seems most practical to begin with 12-18 diapers. I have 18 for my son and do diaper laundry about twice a week. Babies use around 4-10 diapers during the day. Younger babies (birth-6 months) may use more.

leafDiapers and other reusable products are available for purchase at: www.rolypolycrafts.etsy.com
or at locations in Asheville, NC including:

  • The Littlest Birdsleaf
  • French Broad Food Co-op
  • Papoose
  • Children's Trading Post

I have many colors of fabric and welcome custom orders. Please contact me with your requests.

Ruth and sonleafAll Roly Poly™ diapers are handmade by me, Ruth Gavin, just outside of Asheville, NC. I am lucky enough to share an amazing mountain cove with: my lively sons (diaper design consultants), a great husband, a rooster that serves as a good alarm clock (even on Saturdays), a stoic cat, a sleepy dog, a very uppity group of chickens, and a myriad of forest plants and creatures.

I believe that cloth diapers are healthy, easy, economical, and generally more fun to deal with than disposables. The diapers I sew are a revelation of all that worked best in the many different cloth diapers we tried on our sons.

I began making diapers out of curiosity, a wish to broaden my sewing skills, and the desire to save money. I truly enjoy the creativity and work that it takes to make these diapers.